Mula-n-effect, (Jason Moore) has a knack for what he does.. Mula was born and raised in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY, home of the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Born on May 15, 1982, he was 11 or 12 around the time that the two hip-hop legends emerged in the mid-90’s.

At his absorbant age, the hip-hop sounds and lyrical messages caught on quick and his knack developed. Throughout the years, he wrote and practiced until he became what he is today: A well-rounded hip-hop artist. Many say that Mula is easy to get to know both in person and through his music. He says, “I’m building a musical relationship with my audience. After hearing me, they will feel like they have known me forever.”

He gained attention from the record label “Hardcore Rap 4 Life” through his music. Hardcore Rap 4 Life immediately recognized Mula-N-Effect skills and gritty voice, and after seeing the potential in working together, Mula-N-Effect joined the label. Their first release “Did Nothing 4 Me” feels like what Hip Hop needs now, hardcore beats with a real message behind the lyrics. If you haven’t been listening to Mula-N-Effect yet, the time is now!