Dre Nitty

Dre Nitty

A hiphop artist/ songwriter. A Salinas, CA native. Developing music for over 15 years. Various sounds and styles mixed with articulate rhyme patterns and schemes.

He has a unique sound that is far from duplicate and derivative. He has teamed up with Hardcore Rap 4 life to provide the masses with some real, authentic, and classic material. Dre Nitty’s sound mixed with Blowin Up Beats original rugged and raw production , has definitely set the standards with their latest project “Real 2 InfiNItty” which provides some dope, energetic, ear grabbing tunes to nod your head to.

Dre Nitty’s ability to paint pictures with his dynamic flow and wordplay are quite recognizable. Motivated to make music better and better after discovering the respect and love for the art…after all, someone has to step up and set the bar, and Dre Nitty accepts the challenge willingly.

Before joining up with Hardcore Rap 4 Life, Dre Nitty has independently released projects such as “All EARz On Me,” “CashOnDelivery,” “OpportuNitty Knox,” “Smash Bros” …



Dre Nitty : Real 2 InfiNitty Album