Draid Vicious

DRAID is an acronym which stands for Divine, Ruling, God, I, Divine. Vicious is the rebellious, unruly side. Essentially Draid Vicious symbolizes the constant battle between good and evil; the ying and the yang.

Draid Vicious was born in Austin TX, where he lived for ten years before moving to Pennsylvania. Many of his uncles and cousins from his father’s side are musicians, so from an early age, he was introduced to performing and playing music. It wasn’t until moving to Pennsylvania that he began to find his passion for hip-hop. In junior high, Draid linked up with a DJ that was looking for rappers to flow on his beats. That’s where his journey as an MC began. He was mesmerized by the rhyme schemes, energy, and persona of the hip-hop culture. After discovering the passion for the art, he got into the battle scene where he was very succesful. He won numerous battles all over the tri-state area and began to make a name for himself. However, the battle scene didn’t seem to scratch his musical itch and he was striving for more. He began recording his debut mixtape in 2009 titled “I of the Storm”. From there he continued battling and writing music, focusing on developing a respectable craft. In 2013 he won the biggest prize from battle rap, beating top MCs from the surrounding cities. The following day he shot his first video titled “Strength”, which he produced himself. From there he independently released his debut album “Manifest Destiny” which was labeled an instant underground classic by his peers.

Since releasing that project, he has been intent on perfecting his craft, and that work finally paid off when he got the attention of the Hardcore Rap 4 Life label. They are currently working on an album and it is due to release in 2019.